Boasting 800 learners

Learnerships keep disability from dwarfing big dreams
June 30, 2021
General Education and Training Certificate (GETC) NQF Level 1: Business Practice
August 25, 2021

Boasting 800 learners

In these uncertain times and unstable economic climate the world is facing, it is good to know that some businesses are still committed on impacting the lives of employed and unemployed persons, providing them with life-transforming training and development opportunities.

We at Training Portal Online understand that companies and people need to expand and grow exponentially to sustain themselves financially and we can proudly say that our training support assists in achieving exactly that. The company, whose educational programmes were launched in 2018, has grown exponentially over the past three years.

As a training and development company, Training Portal provides businesses with BEE assistance and equal opportunities for abled and disabled learners to enter into a learnership, and eventually the the job market. A variety of learning programmes are available, including Project Management, Real Estate, End User Computing and Business Practice, which companies can use to increase their BEE rating.

These annual programmes allow learners to study while obtaining work experience at a company and receiving a monthly stipend for the duration of the learnership. Work-integrated-learning is provided, which enables learners to master the required skills and competencies that are required as part of the daily job. We are registered with several Sector Education and Training Authorities (SETA’s) and plan to expand our current selection of programmes to include an even wider variety of learnerships. We are committed to remaining the leader in training and providing opportunities to the people of this country, ensuring equality and empowerment to all.

Training Portal Online will soon achieve a milestone with the provision of training and development for more than 800 learners over quite a short period of time. These 800 learners have completed qualifications, short courses and skills in several programmes, which they are able to use towards enabling a bright future for themselves. By transferring skills and knowledge, we are not only uplifting the community, but we are playing a strong role in decreasing unemployment in the Free State and soon in the Vaal Triangle too. This feat shows that Training Portal is indeed the leader in training and development, and grows stronger by the day.

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