A future not dulled by disability, but brightened through quality training

Get to know our team: Andrew Pule Maduna, Assessor
August 25, 2021
National Certificate: Generic Management NQF 5 – 59201
November 3, 2021

A future not dulled by disability, but brightened through quality training

Katleho Collen Mphojane hails from Welkom, and is in the promising position of having been awarded a learnership with Training Portal.

Although he is partially sighted he makes sure not to allow this from limiting his destiny. Instead, Katleho believes your success is ultimately determined by your attitude, and insists that his status as a born-again Christian gives him all the necessary energy, drive, hope and patience to concentrate on his tasks and eventually fulfil his ambitions.

Katleho’s learnership at Training Portal has exposed him to the power of online learning, a horizon which is supported by the computing focus of his learnership. When Katleho has completed his learnership, he hopes to be employed. His experience in the learnership, the skill-set he has acquired as well as his excitement at the potential of online learning suggests that he might very well gravitate towards working in a training environment of some sort.

His inherent interests and training through Training Portal during his learnership, undoubtedly position him excellently for the bright future he envisions.

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