Gearing the youth for the Fourth Industrial Revolution – The story of Bukhosibakhe Chonco
July 27, 2020
Stick to your year!
November 17, 2020


From a BEE, skills development and cost-saving point of view, investing in your own employees is a no-brainer.  

If you are willing to invest in training initiatives for your employees you will increase the intellectual capacity of your business, save a lot of money and achieve your BEE goals.  

If you register your employees on learnerships you will receive recognition for the salary component of these employees as skills development spend. In other words, you save the salary component of your employees and do not have to spend that amount as a training cost.  

If you partner with the right skills development company, using technologically advanced systems to help manage the training processes on your behalf, you do not have to fear a loss in productivity in the workplace.   

The investment in your own employees will also greatly boost the company morale, which will most likely increase productivity and ultimately the bottom-line of your business.  

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