Training Portal – More than just a Training Solution

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July 27, 2020
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July 27, 2020

Training Portal – More than just a Training Solution

Training Portal have been solving B-BBEE skills development problems for clients for close on 4 years. Many of our clients and partners are surprised when they come to know that we offer much more than an innovative training solution. The COVID-19 pandemic has challenged the “status quo” in every aspect of life and business, and training solutions is no different. When we say we are more than just a training solution, we mean it.    

Our difference is in our approach

Before COVID-19, work-from-home and social distancing, we realised that Generic Enterprises’ approach to skills development required a new approach and that innovation and leading-edge technology could make a significant and cost saving difference. With a keen understanding of the B-BBEE outcomes our client desire (and find extremely challenging), combined with our expertise as skills development consultants across multiple industries, we offer real results. We know our clients want maximum B-BBEE recognition for skills development, at a cost-effective level, with the back-up of a one-stop team of skills and B-BBEE advisors, trainers, assessors, and support staff. We’ve assisted multiple businesses across multiple industries achieve their targets, train their people and make a real difference. Where COVID had brought great challenges to many industries and a halt to many activities, Training Portal have been able to continue to train learners online, causing continuity and peace-of-mind for clients and learners alike.

Our approach brings real results

Most clients know that skills development is more than just training, but underestimate the value of partnering with a skills development expert that sees the big picture – that is the B-BBEE, financial and skills development investment and activities that bring the maximum benefit. The real “win” is investing in skills development by ensuring that all the boxes are ticked:

  • A bespoke skills development solution for a specific business and specific industry – it is not a one-size-fits-all
  • Structuring training and financial spend to maximize B-BBEE point recognition
  • Maximum tax incentives optimisation
  • Unique cost models and cost management approach for each client with a comprehensive multi-year client planning and management strategy
  • Flexible and cost effective on-site and off-solution training solutions – even amidst the COVID-19 pandemic
  • Diverse, blended, interactive and online training methodologies that harnesses the power of technology 
  • Active management of identified solutions and training interventions
  • Reporting and compliance support for client peace-of-mind
  • BEE point recognition management
  • A focus on the learning from recruitment to training to placement

Solutions with a real focus on people

B-BBEE and skills development is ultimately about people. Training Portal, at its core, is about empowering business owners and learners to achieve the full potential. Our focus on business owners is to understand that each client is unique and require custom solutions that achieve maximum benefit within available resources. Our consultation model is built around understanding the needs of our clients and tailoring solutions that work efficiently and cost effectively. Part of this solution is to give clients access to learners, if not their own staff. We have set up systems and structures to recruit, vet and provide eligible learners from across the country, with a particular focus on disabled learners. We have an actively managed database of learners that are eligible to be placed on learnerships for clients who are investing in external learnerships. Through our Active Project Management methodology, we help clients implement, manage and maintain all our proposed solutions including registrations, compliance and support. We appreciate that solutions must remain relevant, and therefore annually consult with each of our clients to enhance, optimize and customize their solutions for continued impact, benefit, and recognition.

Once our clients have a solution that is set up for them, we turn our attention to learners. We have set up world-class, leading technology to achieve skills development. How do we do it?

  • State-of-the-art technology platforms and production processes to enhance learning and the learner experience.
  • Rich and interactive training courses that help boost interest, engagement, and motivation levels.
  • Learners become part of the training process and this, in turn, yields better training results.
  • Our technology allows learners to learn on-site and off-site, enabling learning anytime and anywhere – even amidst COVID-19.
  • Full accredited learnership and learning programmes as well as rapid learning courses.
  • Full scale course development and production division.
  • A Placement Portal to absorb learner into workplaces.

The future of skills development, today

While many other skills development and training providers are still trying to figure out how create continuity amidst COVID-19, Training Portal is perfectly set-up to solve the skills development challenges today. We opted for an innovation-lead approach and offer solutions that combine technology, disruptive cost models, efficient B-BBEE and tax planning to deliver custom solutions that innovate and deliver value. Our clients see it and our Partners benefit from it too. With a team of Consultants, IT specialists, Course and Production experts, we are continually innovating our offering to add new training solutions, new courses and new value-ads for clients and learners alike. We are ahead of the pack and intend to stay there. 

In closing

For the past 3 years, Training Portal have been doing what many training providers will struggle to do in the next few months: Remain relevant and offer a tried and tested online skills development solutions. Don’t just take our word for it, ask our clients. They will testify of a training partner that gives them the maximum B-BBEE skills development and financial benefit, along with an innovative and relevant approach to skills development.

Visit to find out more and see how we can assist you get the most out of your B-BBEE skills development budget and plan.

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