A learnership can make all the difference in taking the next step

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July 27, 2020
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July 27, 2020

A learnership can make all the difference in taking the next step

South Africa is a country with rich potential, and plenty of people who are ready to make an impact and change society for the better. All that they require are the skills to make that impact. This is why Training Portal exists: to give people and companies the platform to build skills that lead to success and make a measured socio-economic impact in the world around us. We believe that all people deserve to have access to skills, regardless of their circumstance or disabilities. To better explain how we do this, let’s look at the story of Felicity:

Felicity Phiri, the wife of an employee at Energas Technologies (a client of Training Portal since 2018), was given an opportunity by the Boksburg-based company to undergo a learnership in business administration. Energas Technologies, who specialise in engineered solutions and equipment for the oil and gas industry, take their responsibility to social transformation seriously and decided to sponsor Felicity to the measure of R50 000.

Felicity is someone living with a disability. She had to have one of her legs amputated in 2014 and has had difficulty finding employment since. Born in Umtata, she moved to Johannesburg and met her husband there and has been married for 37 years. Felicity does not have an advanced education as she had only finished grade 8 when she left for Gauteng.

Her husband saw her need, and as an employee of Energas Technologies, managed to organise her participation in the learnership through the company. When Felicity started out in the learnership, she had no computer knowledge, but was eager to learn. Energas Technologies provided her with a computer, taking her hand in guiding her through the course. Felicity’s hard work and progress throughout the course paid off.

Soon she found additional sponsorship to the value of R7000 through another one of Training Portal’s partners, Bruytenbach Mavuso Inc, for which she was extremely grateful. The sponsorship helped Felicity immensely as she was able to use part of the sponsorship to acquire a new prosthesis for her leg as her previous prosthesis was no longer in good condition, causing her pain. With the new prosthesis she is able to finish the learnership in high spirits, and will also be well-equipped for finding work.

Nomsa Ntulini, one of Training Portal’s esteemed Training managers, sat down to speak to Felicity about her experience as part of the learnership and to talk about her future plans.

Felicity explained that she lost her leg after a long time living with diabetes. She had to have an amputation and needed a prothesis to make her life manageable. She says that she had come to terms with the reality that she won’t be able to go back to work.

Luckily, she did not have the last word in the matter as Energas Technologies stepped in to provide her with a laptop and internet connection to complete a learnership in Business Administration. She found the learnership to be extremely beneficial as she learned new digital skills at an advanced age that included financial management, reading and writing e-mails and was augmented with English literacy skills.

When asked about her future plans, she emphasised her desire to work in office administration, even if only in a part-time capacity. She is eager to apply her new skills in the work setting. And said she would look or jobs like becoming and administration or filing clerk, or receptionist as the learnership has also given her new customer management skills.

Felicity expressed that she would encourage others to apply for the courses and that companies likeEnergas Technologies could make a great difference through learnership programs such as is supplied by Training Portal. She says she is grateful for Training Portal’s friendly staff who helped her work through the course through telephonic and digital support.

Felicity thanked us for the opportunity to meet with her and explained her excitement in completing her courses and obtaining her learnership certificate.

What opportunities do you have to make an impact, change someone else’s life for the better, all while contributing to your BEE and training-development goals? Contact Training Portal today and start to see the immediate impact that a learnership can make! Visit www.trainingportal.co.za or contact Danie Krige at daniek@trainingportal.co.za or Jean Du Plessis at jean@trainingportal.co.za

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