The Development Journey: EC Blaauw Transport

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June 29, 2020
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June 29, 2020

The Development Journey: EC Blaauw Transport

As a specialist skills development consultancy and multi-accredited training academy, Training Portal is committed to more than solving our clients’ skills development challenges and delivering effective BEE outcomes – we are committed to the journey.

EC Blaauw Transport is a plant hire and earth moving business situated in Rustenburg, who is committed to service excellence and is a proud 51% BEE-owned company. As one of Training Portal’s first clients, EC Blaauw Transport’s training and development needs have been one of our primary concerns throughout the years.

Training Portal’s Danie Krige recently spoke to Johan Greeff, the financial manager of EC Blaauw Transport, who manages the BEE and skills development initiatives of the company. They discussed their long-standing relationship, which began 3 years prior to Training Portal’s inception, and the road their respective companies have walked together since. Krige initially served as full-time BEE consultant, assisting clients on a national basis, and after his involvement with the creation of Training Portal, EC Blaauw Transport became one of Training Portal’s first clients, and the very first to sing up for a training project.

For Greeff, BEE compliance and skills development are two of the most important aspects of EC Blaauw Transport. While compliance is critical in the mining and construction industries, where strict BEE and training rules need to be followed, EC Blaauw Transport’s main objective is not the appeasing of regulatory bodies but rather the investment made in the company’s staff and the greater community. Training Portal has assisted EC Blaauw Transport with two learnership projects over a three-year period, during which Training Portal provided them with the necessary advice and training options that helped develop their learners’ skills. The learners involved in the programme had the privilege to be trained on the work site – safeguarding productivity and minimising expenses due to the fact that no transport was needed to training centres.

Through these learnership programmes, EC Blaauw Transport was able to obtain valuable BEE points. They were also able to receive a full tax saving on the relevant training expenses.

During a recent project, Training Portal also assisted EC Blaauw Transport with the placement of a disabled learner in a learnership programme. Training Portal agreed to host the learner and ensured that the learner’s disability was accommodated and that the learner received the highest quality education. This is an important aspect of Training Portal’s vital role in the training industry. Businesses within the mining and construction industry often find it difficult to cater for disabled learners, but thanks to Training Portal’s assistance, companies like EC Blaauw Transport are now able to make a positive contribution towards the disabled community.

Workplace-based training projects are not only reliant on learner participation, however. Greeff advises that both learners and employers should be committed to the project and that both parties should make positive contributions. To assist with this, Greeff encourages employers to also allocate a workplace mentor who can support learners throughout the project.

Through Training Portal’s long-standing relationship with EC Blaauw, it is evident that we are committed to more than the training and development of our clients, we are committed to the journey we take with you towards a better future.

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