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April 16, 2020
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May 4, 2020

Training Portal BEE Consultants and Training Providers with a difference

Making a difference in a time of turmoil

We currently find ourselves in unchartered waters with the COVID-19 pandemic that has gripped the world. The 21-day lockdown, now extended for another 2 weeks, has brought South Africa to a near standstill. No household or business has been unaffected. This pandemic has brought with it a great amount of uncertainty and you often hear the comment: “The world as we know it will never be the same again”. One thing is for sure, we are all in this together! Most often than not, times of crises reveals true character, true grit and new opportunities – new ways of doing things to solve old (and new) problems. Here’s the thing: This too shall pass – and us South Africans are true survivors. We’ve just got this way to always get back up and make it happen. Let’s use this time to slow down, refocus, regroup and realign.

We are excited to launch this first edition of our Training Portal Newsletter: BEE Informed. BEE Informed will be a monthly newsletter which we will use as a platform to share our insights on the B-BEEE landscape in South Africa and to give real and innovative BEE and skills development solutions to the unique challenges each business faces – now especially so. More than ever, business will have to think outside the box. At Training Portal, we pride ourselves to thinking outside the BEE and Skills Development box. That’s what makes us different. Read more about our difference below.

In this first edition of BEE Informed: The Lockdown Edition, we will focus on the help available to businesses during this trying and uncertain time. Here are some of the articles you can read – Click to read the article on our blog page:

Last thoughts

What makes Training Portal different, you may ask? Here are 5 things we do differently than most other Skills Development Training Providers – especially in this time of turmoil:

  1. We are experienced BEE consultants. After 10 years, we understand the BEE scorecards and how to maximise your skills development contribution and mix in order to maintain or improve your BEE status and benefit your business – cash flow and strategy wise. Training and skills development is the end-goal – but it starts with a solid plan.
  2. We save our clients’ money. With our expert knowledge of the Skills Development, B-BBEE and Income Tax Act, along with pro-actively planning the skills year ahead, we ultimately reduce the skills spend targets, keeping much needed cash in your business. We know all the ins-and-outs available to our clients to save them money.
  3. We are much more than just trainers. We have a one-stop approach that really benefits our clients. It starts with providing a vetted database of learners (disabled and abled), setting up a bespoke skills development solution, project managing the skills development intervention and ends with assisting in absorbing learners back into the workplace (for that extra 5 points) – we don’t just train, we partner with you!
  4. We are innovative and flexible in our training approach. We adapt our business to suite your business. Whether you can accommodate on-site learnerships, or prefer off-site learnership programmes, our online training platform, combined with classroom interventions, makes us flexible and adaptable. Even the Lockdown can’t stop our learners from accessing and continuing with their learnership journey. We bring the training close to you and close to the learners.
  5. We help our clients achieve maximum BEE points for skills development. Our consulting services and learning solution combined, as well as our efforts after training has ended, puts our clients in the best possible position to get a maximum of 25 points for skills development. Our clients comply to skills development – as simple as that.

Do you want to talk to us about your B-BBEE challenges? Let us set up a bespoke B-BBEE and skills development solution for your business. Contact your regional Training Portal representative to set-up an online meeting:

Sandton – Jean Du Plessis | | 074 453 3004

Bloemfontein – Danie Krige | |071 688 1656

Cape Town – Tobie van der Merwe | | 079 690 5454

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